Always letting fuel in the 45 minutes of the 2nd half of your fuel tank just seems like an economy act, because, in fact, driving a car with the tank in reserve is taking an attitude covered with risks, which can harm you and cause damage to the vehicle. Check below what are these possible faults and what are the best ways to avoid them.

Vehicle damage

Even if it is not a habit, when riding with your tank almost empty you can overheat the fuel pump and cause damage to the vehicle.  

Now, if you are in the habit of driving the car with the tank in reserve, in addition to overheating, there is a possibility that you need to deal with clogging of the injection nozzles by accumulating residues at the bottom of the vehicle tank.

Dry break

Another complication that you may encounter when driving with the tank in reserve is the dry crash, which is when the car shuts down and stops for lack of fuel. This is not such a rare problem because, with the tank in reserve, it becomes very difficult to predict how many kilometers the car will run, so it can stop when and where you least expect it, leaving you in a vulnerable condition. 

Beyond the inconvenience, the dry crash is considered an average infraction by the Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB), that is, if you find yourself in this adverse situation and are caught in the act by traffic agents, not only will the vehicle be towed, but you will lose 4 points in your wallet and still have to pay a fine of R $ 130,16.

Refuel before arriving at the reserve and avoid headaches!

If you want to avoid all these complications, follow the recommendation of the automakers and specialists, create the custom of refueling whenever the tank reaches ¼ of its maximum capacity. 

After all, the fuel tank was not designed to be an extra tank, but for the driver to use only in emergencies, that is, when you turn on the reserve tank light on the panel, you will only have the necessary fuel to go to the nearest gas station - to drive beyond that is to take risks.


Comfort, economy and safety.

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