There are several cities in Brazil whose heat is so intense that it is almost impossible to drive on its streets without the air conditioning on. But the biggest problem is not when it’s time to run on hot days, but when it’s time to park the car, first because, unfortunately, it’s unviable to leave the air on when you’re going to park the car, secondly, on very hot days , shaded spaces are usually a rarity. That way, after parking the vehicle in the sun, there is always that unhealthy oven experience inside the car not to mention that the steering wheel and seats get extremely hot. 

This is because, with the incidence of sunlight, infrared radiation goes beyond the glass of the car which retains the heat of this radiation, so the environment becomes a kind of greenhouse, so the temperature variation registered inside the car is very higher in relation to the external temperature. 

If you frequently go through this situation, there are some measures that can help you, such as opting for lighter cars, using a sun shade on the front glass and a towel under the steering wheel whenever you park. However, what is most effective in cases of too much heat inside the car after parking it in the sun is to follow these recommendations:

  1. Open all windows 
  2. Start the car and start walking so that all the hot air inside the vehicle comes out
  3. Go up the windows and turn on the air conditioning

Many, eager for the freshness of the air conditioning, go straight to step 3, however this impulsive choice is less efficient, that is, it will take longer to cool the vehicle and, in addition, it is not economical, as it demands more energy from the car .


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