Kindness arouses fraternity and opens doors for other people to be kind to those who have been kind to them. Bringing the world of transport apps: providing kindness during a race increases the chances that you, the app driver, will be well rated. In addition, gentle attitudes are also the best antidote to possible resistance that the passenger may unconsciously have towards you or the service you are providing - that is, kindness is an excellent way to stop bad grades.  

Therefore, we have separated some tips on how you can use these good attitudes to improve your service and, in the same direction, increase your scores in the applications.

Understand what passengers' expectations and expectations are

Do it differently, get out of the commonplace and overcome the polite attitudes that your competitors will also take. When asking if everything is okay with your passenger, try to understand what he is going through: if he is in a hurry, or if he is in doubt as to the destination address, if he is distressed with the safety of the friend who will stay until the last stop of the trip, or if he is super nervous because he forgot a document in home, or some belongs anywhere else. 

Anyway, the possibilities of immediate day-to-day problems are endless and sometimes very private, so understanding them very well before trying to solve them is to combine empathy with kindness and please your passengers in a unique way and genuine.

Creativity in solving them

From the moment you have understood your passenger's expectations and expectations, if it is within your reach, use your creativity to try to solve them. 

For example, if the passenger is uncertain about the addresses of the trip, be available to help search for destinations. If he has any urgency and is unable to speak to someone, offer his phone. If he is nervous about a problem, offer a good chat. Or even, be available to call saying that you left the passenger's friend safely at the last stop.

The more genuine and creative these small pleasantries are, the better the service will be offered, as you will be strengthening the close relationship with your passenger. This will increase your chance of receiving good grades in your runs and, in addition, by promoting these attitudes, you will be bringing more humanity, harmony and lightness to your work routine.

Kindness generates kindness

It is essential that you resort to gentle attitudes from the beginning to the end of your runs to then make a good impression as an application driver. Following this and the previous recommendations you will certainly be rewarded with many stars, praise and a good score, which will bring you a qualitative improvement in your races. Remembering that well-rated drivers can receive more promotions and can be called more often to participate in special campaigns and programs developed by the apps.


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