In recent years, working with transportation applications has become a great opportunity for those seeking extra income, and central for those who were unemployed in the crisis. However, the role of the application driver is still very new, and not everyone understands how they can derive a value from hitchhiking that is similar to that received in old jobs. 

With that in mind, we've separated some tips and recommendations on how you, the application driver, can maintain your lifestyle or achieve your financial goals by setting organizational goals and strategies.

Choose your goals and apply goals

When you choose to work for yourself, determining and meeting goals becomes paramount, not only for you to achieve your goals, but also to improve your productivity and organization.

So, if your goal is to maintain the same lifestyle that you had with your old salary, or else, to make an extra income to save money and fulfill some consumption dream - how to acquire your own home, travel or graduate -, set an appropriate daily goal for your routine. To do so, make an estimate of the amount of runs / day you need to do in a given period, which is enough for you to add the necessary capital and complete your goal.

Organization strategies 

One of the great benefits of being an application driver is the flexibility of schedules, however, without organization you cannot get the best out of your working days. So, observe, study and always talk to your professional colleagues to interpret what are the best times and places for you to run races in your city and set a time commitment with yourself. 

So if you come to the conclusion that the best trips are, for example, in the central region, between 4:30 am and 10:XNUMX am Monday through Thursday, be honest with your planning: be there in advance and don't leave for your free hours until you reach your goal.

Striving is important, but some efforts are in vain. Don't run after dynamically priced races, they may disappear on your way to them. Don't even drive behind passengers, you'll wear out your car and consume gasoline for nothing. Again, start to notice and note which are the neighborhoods and times of dynamic prices in your city, and make a habit of observing the peak hours of where you live, as well as, what are the best times to position yourself at bus stations , hotels and airports. Oh, and stay tuned to the local cultural agenda, as concerts and events always go well. 

Understand the importance of your new trade

Especially if you became an application driver because you lost a good job or because your area lost strength during the country's recession, understand that you are participating in a historic transformation of the economy and mobility. After all, transport applications, together with their partners, are the great representatives of the collaborative economy and the new habits of a more modern and connected society. 

In addition, it is important to understand that, in addition to your historical role, your work as a driver is super important and makes a difference to people who demand the mobility you can offer.


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