Know the basic requirements for booking cars with the Reference:


Minimum age
from 21 years

Foreigners must present a passport, valid authorization and stay visa.

Qualification issued for at least two years and with term within validity.

Proof of current address.

Pre-approved credit card. Up to 6x (minimum installment of $ 100).

American Express
American Express
American Express
American Express

To ensure your peace of mind, all the vehicles in the Referral Rental have insurance against third parties.

For your convenience, all cars will be delivered with full tank and you can return as you wish.
In cases of refueling by the rental company, the fuel will be charged based on its own table.

In case of unforeseen circumstances, you have a team ready to serve you with agility at any time of the day or night.
Just connect to 0800-729-1400.