We are in the last quarter of the year, whose months are full of excellent holidays to make that escape from the city, and there is no better means of transport for a holiday trip than the car, is there? However, often worrying about your pocket can compromise fun, so before you hit the road, find out what actions you can take to reduce fuel consumption during a road trip to make your holiday more economical - so , calmer!

Car review

Before traveling, check the electronic injection and filters, calibrate the tires and be sure to align and balance your car. In addition to making the route safer, leaving the car in order makes the engine run less, which makes it “drink less”. Only flat tires cause fuel consumption to increase by more than 5%.

Plan your route

When planning your route with the aid of an application you can choose a shorter route, choose the best time of the trip and avoid traffic. With the best way you will not only drive less, but also brake less because of traffic, that is, you will be saving on fuel consumption and avoiding unnecessary stress.

Only the necessary!

A car with a lot of weight makes the engine work harder, so organize yourself for the sake of your economy and make a checklist of everything that is really necessary for your trip.

Control speed, vehicle rotation and braking

Avoid accidents and - at the same time - reduce fuel consumption: whenever possible, take your foot off the accelerator if you are driving on a flat road, - increasing the speed from 100 km / h to 120 km / h can increase up to 20% fuel consumption - keep engine speed low while shifting and avoid sudden braking - indiscriminate use of brakes is one of the factors that most waste fuel!

Air conditioning or open window?

Each turn of the engine is used not only to give movement to the car wheels, but also to other vehicle accessories, such as the air conditioning compressor, which is why driving with the air on is one of the attitudes that increases fuel consumption. fuel. However, if you need to choose between turning on the air conditioner or the open window and you are at a speed above 80km, choose the air conditioner, because above that speed there is a loss in the aerodynamics of the car with the entry of wind through its windows, this phenomenon is called parachute effect and when it happens it requires a lot of engine power, which consequently ends up asking for more fuel.


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