Did you know that when you explore people's 5 senses there is a great chance of getting their attention? In the world of big business this is called Sensory Marketing, and it is a concept that can be adapted to the universe of application drivers as a strategy to convert into good evaluations and improve the scores of the scores in the applications. 

By pleasing the passenger's 5 senses, an ideal subjective atmosphere is created, which is able to establish an emotional bond between him and the moment of the race. If performed well, such a connection between the passenger and the experience can be so valuable that he, without realizing that he was motivated by sensations and feelings, will give a good grade, and also give praise along with the evaluation. That is, a tactic that is much more effective than a direct request to the passenger for him to evaluate you well.

Check out, below, what these 5 senses are, and our tips on how you can use them to your advantage during races and delight your passengers.


Smell is the sense that makes us able to smell aromas in the air.

In addition to keeping your vehicle always clean, you can positively stimulate the smell of your passengers, using special car fragrances. There are several types on the market, so we recommend that you try to leave the common place to differentiate yourself, but, be careful, avoid investing in strong aromas so as not to cause the opposite effect on your passengers.


Taste is one of the 5 senses that gives us the ability to feel the flavors in the mouth, which can be sweet, bitter, sour and umamis.

In a race you can please your passenger's palate by offering sweets and flavored waters. Again, try to differentiate yourself in the selection of candies you will have in your car, choose local candies and flavors that can refer to the passenger's past, or else toffe candies that feel exclusive. 

Anyway, be creative when playing with that sense, but be sure to offer the basics of good still water and peppermint, which are neutral and satisfy all tastes.


Vision is what gives us the possibility to see and observe everything around us. Based on this sense, we were able to identify colors and the intensity of the light, so to captivate your passenger from the point of view, you can choose cars with a distinct design that will enchant you, whether by the external look, either by the space and lighting inside. 

Remembering that a clean and organized car are also factors that stimulate passengers' vision.


When we touch any object, we feel its texture, and this only happens because we have a sense of touch.  

Thinking about the touch, texture and warmth, to stimulate the passenger's touch you should opt for a good upholstery of the car seats that you will use to run the application. 

Thermal sensations are also part of the touch, so another way to captivate through this sense is to always ask and adjust to the most pleasant and comfortable temperature for your passengers while traveling.


Nothing like the right music, at the appropriate volume - there are also those who prefer the sound of silence. There is no better tool to create an atmosphere of sensations that can create a connection between your passenger and the moment of the race, than the sense of hearing.

To provoke this subjective association, always ask the passenger what radio or music style he prefers, and at what volume he wants to listen. And, if you happen to start playing his favorite music, just turn it up and have fun together!


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