Do you like to anticipate your tours, trips and holiday adventures? So check out the full list of national holidays in 2021 below. 

January 1 - Universal Fraternization Day

Date on which we usually enjoy the New Year's Eve hangover and the first day of the year, which in 2021 will be on a Friday, that is, a huge “holiday” from 3 days for that period that calls for a moment of renewal and rest.

February 15 - Carnival 

This is the date referring to the official day of the holiday, the Tuesday of Carnival. That is, joining the weekend plus Monday, which is also traditionally amended as a day of Carnival, every year we enjoy these 4 days of pure spree, which mark the second national “holiday” of the year.

April 2 - Passion of the Christ (Good Friday)

It is the Friday holiday that precedes Easter Sunday, and these 3 days they are generally reserved for visiting relatives. 

The holy Friday is a more family holiday, but it is also an autumn holiday, that is, it is the perfect time for those who enjoy adventure trips, hiking and climbing or any other type of ecotourism.

April 21 - Tiradentes

This year the holiday in Tiradentes will be on a Wednesday, that is, 1 day off, but not for that reason you will stop enjoying it, will you? In fact, these “non-amendable” holidays are ideal for renting a car and visiting regional cities, learning about their stories and having typical meals. 

And this is just one of several tour ideas that you could do in 1 day, it is also worth spending the day on the beach, visiting parks in the city itself, or even bathing in the waterfall.

May 1 - Labor Day

For those who do not work on Saturday, it will be a normal weekend, as this year Labor Day will be celebrated on Saturday. However, those who work on Saturdays will be able to enjoy the day off amended with Sunday - perfect for a quiet weekend trip, how about that?

September 7 - Independence of Brazil

Luck will be with those who manage to amend this holiday that will fall on a Tuesday, for these lucky ones it will be a holiday of 4 days

This, which is one of the most important dates for our country, is also the national holiday that marks the end of winter and the beginning of the beach season, that is, depending on the weather, September 7 is a holiday that usually fills up beaches throughout Brazil, especially in the South and Southeast regions.

October 12 - Day of Our Lady of Aparecida

The Day of the Patroness of Brazil will be another national holiday that in 2021 will be celebrated on Tuesday, that is, whoever can amend will have 4 days spring to enjoy.

As Children's Day is also celebrated on this date, this is the perfect holiday to take a trip with your favorite children - your children, grandchildren, godchildren or nephews - to a playful destination, that is, cities with amusement parks. , water parks and interactive museums. 

November 2 - All Souls Day

All Souls' Day is of great importance for Catholics, who on this date honor their deceased loved ones, praying for them and leaving flowers in their graves. Taking into account the intense movement in the cemeteries, in 2002 this date was established as a national holiday, which in this year 2021 will be celebrated on a Tuesday, therefore, as well as in the first 2 holidays of the second semester, whoever can amend will 4 days off duty.  

November 15 - Proclamation of the Republic

This is another national holiday of great importance for the Brazilian nation as it celebrates the proclamation of our republic.

In 2021, this date will be celebrated on a Monday, therefore, 3 days perfect for enjoying a beach - what do you think?

December 25 - Christmas

In addition to the religious and magical symbols, Christmas is also a long-awaited holiday because it marks the beginning of the end of the year and summer holidays. 

Christmas, in the year 2021, will be celebrated on a Saturday, so it is not good news for those who expected an extended holiday, however, for those who work on Saturdays, it will still be 1 day excellent to enjoy with the family.


Enjoy the holidays with the calm and tranquility you deserve: plan your 2021 trips now and also remember to anticipate your reservations, including the rental car that will accompany you on these extraordinary days. 
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