There is no better type of exchange than the other, but the best type of exchange for you. Both types of exchange have advantages and disadvantages just as each of them interferes, in its own way, both in your experience with the car, as well as in the expenses with maintenance and fuel consumption. 

Read the following topics carefully and find out what your ideal exchange rate is!


When driving an automatic car you keep your left foot free and don't worry about gear shifting, so if you don't need comfort, automatic transmission is the best option. 


A vehicle with automatic transmission is indicated for comfort at any time, however, the manual transmission is also an excellent option for those who drive more on highways than on congested urban avenues, as gear changes are much less frequent on the roads.

Urban roads

Especially for those who spend hours of the day in city traffic, one must consider that there are many more speed swings, as well as stops and departures, due to traffic lights, intersections and traffic jams. In these situations, the manual transmission can end up mistreating your right arm because of constant gear changes. It is for ease and comfort that the automatic transmission is the best ally for urban drivers


Whoever drives the car with a manual transmission is the one who gives the rules of the game, as he manages to have more control of the vehicle's power, with the advantage of having the freedom to decide how much force the vehicle should exert in each scenario or soil condition as , for example, unpaved roads or slopes.


Intuitive mechanics is not the only feature of automatic transmission, it is also easy and convenient for day-to-day life, because without changing gears the only concern the driver will have during the journey will be to accelerate and brake the vehicle.  


The automatic gearbox is not only safe if it is not up to date, the manual gearbox is less secure because it requires the driver to frequently remove one hand from the steering wheel. However, it is clear that both are safe if used properly.

Maintenance cost

If not used with caution, the manual transmission may be broken more frequently, which will be more expensive for the driver. However, as much as the automatic transmission breaks less, if it breaks, the cost of maintenance will be high.

Fuel consumption

A car with a manual transmission uses up to 10% more fuel compared to an automatic car of the same model, but this only happens if the driver knows how to control consumption by changing the gear at the right time. The automatic gearbox system does not have spontaneous control of gear changes, so this slow gear change interferes with the volume of fuel the vehicle needs to run.


Is your ideal type of gearbox manual or automatic?

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