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ClubCar Referência

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ClubCar Referência

You choose every detail of your car and still don't have to worry about the devaluation of the vehicle's value.

Count on the flexibility of periods and customization of franchises.***

Plus: change your car every year! At the end of the subscription period, you can renew your contract and sign another zero car!

You have a new car, without having to worry about the obstacles of those who have their own car!

ClubCar Referência ClubCar Referência

what do you need to
participate in ClubeCar Referência?

ClubCar Referência

Be over 21 years old.

ClubCar Referência

Have at least 3 years of qualification.

ClubCar Referência

Credit card.

ClubCar Referência

RG, CPF, proof of address.

Monthly fees that
fit in your pocket.

Check out some examples of our prices.

ClubCar Referência

Application Driver

Application driver, knowing the conditions of ClubeCar Referência not match your needs, we prepare exclusive packages for you. To learn more, just click here!

Proven economy!

VOLKSWAGEN GOL CLUB CAR REFERENCE car financed car in sight
TOTAL cost in 12 months R$ 16.317,00 R$ 34.878,38 R$ 21.499,01
Total vehicle purchase cost ---- R$ 58.270,00 R$ 58.270,00
Input value R$ 0,00 R$ 17.481,00 R$ 0,00
Total amount financed (with interest) R$ 0,00 R$ 55.086,37 R$ 0,00
Documentation (IPVA, DPVAT/Licen.) Even R$ 2.447,01 R$ 2.447,01
insurance Even R$ 2.330,80 R$ 2.330,80
Maintenance Even R$ 470,19 R$ 470,19
License Even R$ 450,00 R$ 450,00
Opportunity cost R$ 1.311,00 R$ 393,00 R$ 1.311,00
Vehicle sales value ---- R$ 43.779,99 R$ 43.779,99
Average monthly cost R$ 1.469,00 R$ 2.906,53 R$ 1.791,58

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    How long do you want to sign?

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    Which of our branches will you pick up your car from?