Knowing how to make a good first impression is paramount for anyone who works with customer service, since, once impressed, the consumer keeps in mind the entire experience of the service provided. And if this good first impression occurs in a service performed by an application driver, the passenger will not only remember the race but will make a point of evaluating the driver with five stars and still praise the service.

However, the leap of the cat is to create a method so that this rare opportunity to impact the passenger in the first seconds of the trip becomes routine, so you can get the much desired good score in the applications. Check out some tips and guidelines below.

How to start the race and what to talk about first?

Everyone likes to hear their own name, so always start with a “Hello, (passenger’s name)” and show attentiveness by asking if you are "alright?". 

After enhance your gentleness by moving your seat forward while offering more space and after that, show that you care about the passenger schedule telling you how long it will take to reach your destination his. After this, ask if he has a preferred route.

Once this tour is over, you will have passed a sympathetic and serious image to the passenger and will already know if he is in a hurry as well as whether he wants to chat or not. Continue to positively impress him by offering him air conditioning, mints and alcohol gel, and ask him if he has any radio or music style.referência.

Tone of voice and appearance

Unconsciously, the first things we notice are the appearance and tone of others' voices. It is a primitive human instinct used to recognize the people of the tribe, and that we carry with us today as a protective intuition. 

So, in addition to creating a dialogue routine, another great secret to make a good first impression is to train a medium, neutral and pleasant tone of voice, that is, neither too low nor too loud, to speak to your passengers without awakening strangers.

To make a good impression in terms of appearance you can follow the same neutrality strategy: car always sanitized, clean clothes, light colors and standard style. Be very careful when wanting to impact the visual, as this can also motivate strangeness, instantly ruining the goal of making a good first impression and earning 5 stars.


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