Everyone knows that Brazilians are creative, but while it is thought that the famous art of the gambiarre prevails here, there are geniuses inventing utilities for everyday life and for human science, in fact, few know that the parents of great inventions, such as Câmbio Automatic, live, lived or were born in Brazil. Keep reading this article to find out what these Brazilian inventions are that have changed the world.

Artificial heart

A very relevant Brazilian invention for the health area is the artificial heart, which replaces the two lower chambers of the heart, called ventricles. The invention was designed by the mechanical engineer Aron de Andrade, from the Instituto Dante Pazzanese de Cardiologia and has already saved the lives of many patients with heart problems.

Calls identifier

The famous Bina was also created by a Brazilian, Nélio José Nicolai. Nélio was an electrical engineer and built a device that identifies the origin of the phone calls. The caller ID was named Bina because of the simple communication logic where B would identify the number of A, and, due to its functionality, the Brazilian invention soon crossed borders and, in a short time, spread around the world. 

Rice drainer

The colander was another daily utility invented in Brazil, this time by a Brazilian: Therezinha Beatriz Alves de Andrade Zorowich. Fed up with having to unclog her sink from the rices that fall down the drain every time she washed them, Therezinha (in 1959) created a utensil that ended her problem and that of so many other housewives of the time. Shortly afterwards his invention started to be commercialized and until today it is indispensable in Brazilian houses, as much as it is mandatory the traditional beans and rice on the lunch table.


After years of legal fights, the Walkman was recognized not as an invention by Sony, but by the naturalized Brazilian German Andreas Pavel. He was only 27 when he invented the first portable stereo, and named it stereobelt, shortly afterwards he also managed to patent it. At the time, several large electronics companies rejected the idea of ​​producing the stereobelt, when in 1979 Sony started producing the same device under the name of Walkman and without recognizing that Pavel was the father of the invention. Andreas Pavel and Sony only agreed on damages, royalties and who actually invented the Walkman - or the stereobelt - years later, in 2003.

Automatic transmission

The automatic gearbox design and prototype was created by mechanical engineer José Braz Araripe, in 1932. The engineer sold the model of his invention to General Motors and 6 years later the automaker started producing the first hydraulic car.


Despite being known nationally as the father of aviation, Alberto Santos Dumont is not recognized worldwide as such because the American Wright brothers contested the invention of the airplane and gained fame. However, Dumont can take advantage of another project of his own, the wristwatch. He invented it to time his flight time more precisely, since at the time clocks were kept in his pockets. 

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